During These Unsettling Times We Bring
Health & Wellness Services to Your Home!

Cornerstone LifeCare Clients
Our clients come from all walks of life and, during these uncertain times, most wish to stay in the comfort and safety of their home. They may have several people involved in their care plan. Our Consultants can help take the burden off these supporters.

The Initial Meeting
(In Person Or Via Teleconference)
A Cornerstone LifeCare Consultant will meet with the client and supporters (or conduct a Teleconference Interview) to gather information on their health, living environment, general financial situation, and current medical providers. Evaluated items include physical capabilities such as mobility and ability to function in the home, living environment safety and accessibility, and overall personal requirements.

The Recommendations and Report
Following the initial meeting, the Cornerstone LifeCare Consultant will process the information. A report is then written with specific recommendations including immediate action steps, such as a medical examination or more in-depth Living Environment review.

Follow-Up Process
Along with the written report the Consultant will discuss specific recommendations with the client and supporters. We have high quality, vetted service providers and resources (the majority serve in your home). Living Environment recommendations may include Aging in Place modifications or Personal Services such as home health, legal, financial, and medical needs. When appropriate, we will also assist with placement outside the home in a senior living community of choice.

Ongoing Relationship
Our Cornerstone LifeCare Consultants often establish an an ongoing relationship to help oversee and manage the coordination of future service needs.

We look forward to talking with you and scheduling a Cornerstone LifeCare Consultation.

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